Service Profile

BeoCom 3 ISDN

Technical Introduction

BeoCom 3 is a digital, corded telephone for connection to the ISDN network. It makes use of  the latest ISDN technology to bridge the gap between the home and the workplace. With  BeoCom 3, it is possible to conduct two simultaneous telephone conversations or access the Internet while talking on the telephone. BeoCom 3 offers integrated support for the advanced telecom services offered on the ISDN network. With its raised front panel and intelligent layout, day-to-day operation is very simple. The wheel allows instant access to the menus and extended internal phone book, while the large display gives an immediate overview of the options and functions available.

General service strategy

BeoCom 3 ISDN must be serviced by replacing the PCB or mechanical parts. The PCB is a SWOP unit and defective PCBs have to be returned to Struer.

Software update:
New software may be downloaded from the Bang & Olufsen Retail System and uploaded to BeoCom 3. This makes updating possible when, for instance, new services are introduced. A PC and service tools are needed for this purpose.

Service Menu:
Press: Menu - Set up menu - Advanced menu - Version number

Display in Version number : xxx
Country : DK
Software version : 1.0
Hardware version : 1
Serial no : 15130985




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