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BeoLab 5 :: Type 688x

BeoLab 5 technical introduction:

BeoLab 5 is the 2004 top-of-the-line loudspeaker within the Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker portfolio on three important parameters:

The sound capability will be with the best in the market - and on certain parameters even better - and bring this loudspeaker to an state-of-the art position. This position, combined with a daring design, and a very high price point opens up an interesting business perspective.

The sound
The sound capability, combined with a unique design will extend significantly the user dimension with respect to both sound and aesthetical experience.
The new platform incorporates technologies as Digital Sound Processing (DSP), Adaptive Bass Control (ABC), Sound Dispersion Control (SDC-acoustical lenses), ICE-power and active sound technology which, together, results in outstanding sound performance and set new standards in the market.

The design
Due to the content of technological supremacy, this loudspeaker expresses the fine combination of advanced technology and inventive design. It does not look like any other loudspeaker - and despite its heaviness on technology it maintains a high degree of lightness in its visual expression.
Designed by David Lewis.

The application
Basically a loudspeaker for floor placement, and can as such be used in a Bang & Olufsen video and audio context. The focus will be as front loudspeakers with BeoVision 5 or as audio setup connected to BeoSound 9000. The electrical interface will also allow a connection to preamplifiers of non-Bang & Olufsen brand, and in such applications IR remote controlled b.m.o. Beo4.

One variant
Except from market (mains voltage) variants, BeoLab 5 will exist as one variant only. There will be no accessory program for BeoLab 5.

Black and aluminium grey

Converting mains voltage supply
If it is necessary to change voltage supply, e.g. when moving between two countries, it is necessary to order new mains transformer and move a jumper on the ICEsystem 1 PCB6 (J200 =230-240Vac; J201= 100-120Vac). For US/CDN/TWN/JPN the fuse FH10 on the mains filter PCB1 must be changed from T5A to T10A (6600176) also.
E.g.: Moving from EU (type 6881) to Japan (type 6884) with a pair of BeoLab 5; order two mains transformers for type 6884, and move the jumper on the ICEsystem 1 PCB6 from J200 to J201 to adapt both speakers to the 100Vac mains voltage.

Product Cover:
It is possible to order a soft cover for the BeoLab 5 to ensure that handling of the product can be done without scratching the product (for light transport use only). Order part no. 3375007.
For transportation the standard carton box is recommended.
Cable for line connection, black 5 metre (part no. 6270775).
Cable for SP/DIF connection, black 5 metre (part no. 6270900).
Cable for synchronising the volume between two speakers, black 10 metre (part no. 6270901).
Only necessary when connected to third party products (option 1) an only working with PIN Code version SW2.3 or higher.

Intensive Follow up after market introduction
In a period of at least 3 months after launching in a new market we will follow up on
all feedback's from the dealers and customers to take quick action and correct the faults that might be reported into the Follow-up after market introduction Lotus notes database .
It will be the TPM (Technical Product Manager) who will initiate internal actions and reply. At Bang & Olufsen Denmark we have a back up staff consisting of Product Development people (Hardware and Software) and the Production will be represented as well.
When everything is running normally we close down the intensive follow up and go into a normal routine. This is normally when the product has been introduced in all markets or 6 months after release for sale.

Theft protection

General description:

The PIN code protection is a 4 digit PIN-code, of the user ’s own choice, which must be entered if the product has been disconnected from the mains for 15-30 min. When activated, and after a mains drop out of 15 - 30 minutes, it allows the BeoLab 5 to play for five minutes before the PIN Code must be entered.

The PIN code protection will be activated from the factory, and can be deactivated by the local Dealer. It's then up to the customer to chose a code for protection.
Before the product is handed in to service it is a good idea to ask the customer to deactivate the PIN code protection.

The PIN code protection has been introduced from serial no.: 17xxxxxx.

Due to PIN code has been introduced in BeoLab 5 there are two Back-up suitcase variants:


Service code
If the PIN-code is activated and the product is in a service situation, there is a possibility of 12 hours service by entering a 5 digit Service code which is 11111. This gives 12 hours of full functionality to service the product and make module changes without naming/registering the exchanged modules to the serial number of the Customer's product. The 12 hours are only running when the product is connected to mains!
If the customer’s PIN-code or Master-code is entered the exchanged modules will be named/registered to the product. Registration of the modules cannot be changed.
The service code must be entered when a source is selected and the product asks for the PIN-code. Press and hold << for three seconds and key in the Service code 11111.

While BeoLab 5 is in standby…

> Press and hold << on the Beo4 remote control for three seconds to enable master code input.
The indicator light shines intermittently red (1 sec.) and green (0.5 sec.)
> Within 10 seconds, press the touch panel on top of the loudspeaker you wish to activate.
The loudspeaker confirms your selection with a sound signal.
> Key in the five-digit service code 11111
The loudspeaker confirms each digit with a sound signal
> Press GO to enter the five-digit service code
The loudspeaker confirms this with a sound signal. If the service code is accepted, the indicator light shines red again – indicating that the loudspeaker is in standby and ready for use.
If it is not accepted the loudspeaker emits a sound signal, and you will have to start over again with
the five-digit service code.

PIN Code
Press <<, << and STOP in quick succession on the Beo4. Then touch the panel on the top, and the particular BeoLab 5 confirms with a sound signal and is ready for the four-digit code. Confirm and press GO.

Master code
If the PIN-code has been forgotten (5 tries every 3 hour with mains connected), the only way to unlock the product again is by entering the 5 digit Master code. The Master code can be ordered at Bang & Olufsen. Once the code is keyed in, the product is operational again and the PIN code system is deactivated.
Keying-in is the same procedure as for service code.

Exchange of electrical chassis with PIN Code (SW2.3 or higher)
When exchanging the electrical chassis remember to insert the EEPROM from the defective chassis (placed on the DSP board), because it contains valuable data (serial no., speaker settings, PIN-code etc.).
The data is not transferred to the new module until you have been in contact with the PIN Code system or after 12 hours connected with mains connected. This means that you can try out a new electrical chassis without transferring the products serial no. Etc.
Note !
When the serial no. has been transferred to the micro-processor it can only be used for this specific product; it must go back to Bang & Olufsen’s module repair department as an exchange module to be erased again.
If the product functions are OK the PIN Code protection is also OK; there is no need for testing the functionality of the PIN Code protection.
When the product is connected to mains, wait 20-30 sec. before operating. All addresses in the computer has to be updated after disconnecting mains voltage.

Survey of modules:





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