Wiring diagrams

Using a non-B&O sub-woofer

This circuit is designed to use a non-B&O sub-woofer or amplifier with PowerLink sockets.

It's easy to built and at low cost. In fact that the 5 V DC from the PowerLink socket on pen 4 can't activate a relay directly you will need a circuit like this.

Parts which I've used are easy to buy at electronic shops. You need in total:

1 AC/DC Adaptor 12 V DC
1 IC LM 7806
2 Caps 100Nf 63V
1 Diode 1N4148
1 Resistor 2K2
1 Transistor BC 338
1 Relay 6V DC

Connection of the circuit is as follows:

Connect the adaptor to the 12V and earth of the circuit, connect pin 4 from the PowerLink to the 5V DC PowerLink in of the circuit. When switching on the B&O the relays will switch and connect the 230V AC line into the amp you use. That's it. For heavy amps you can let the relay switch on a second heavy-duty relay, which will switch on the power line.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.





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