Master Control Link Connections 1

The Master Control Link connection at the Speaker 2 output sockets of a BeoMaster/BeoCenter. Connection from this point is made to the MCL ABLI or MCL2AV relay box via a special 7-conductor cable with 3-pin speaker plugs on one end and bare wires on the other.


The MCL cable carries speaker level signals, left and right. Along with the speaker signals, a two-way data signal is carried for communication purposes between main room and local room, as well as display data for BeoLab Penta or BeoVox panel speakers. The BeoMaster/BeoCenter also supplies 7 volts DC which is transferred via the link cable to the relay box.  This power source is used only by the MCL 2ABLI.  The MCL 2AV receives its power either from a separate power supply or from the MCL 2P amplifier.

Speaker Link

Speaker Link defines the connections between a BeoMaster/BeoCenter Speaker 1 output and a pair of active or passive speakers in the main room.


Audio signals are transferred at speaker level. The top pin of the socket is the speaker 'hot', the blade the speaker ground.  The bottom pins are used to transfer data and data ground from the BeoMaster/BeoCenter to BeoLab active speakers.

Connection to BeoLab speakers via speaker link must be done with shielded speaker cables.








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