Master Control Link Connections 2


PowerLink defines the connection between a BeoSystem or MCL2AV with 8-pin DIN PowerLink sockets and BeoLab active speakers or the MCL2P power amplifier.


The PowerLink connection carries both left and right pre-amp output signals.  Additionally, the PowerLink connection transfers data signals for the BeoLab active speaker (and status display for those active speakers fitted with this LED readout). The remaining connections provide turn on and protection signals (APHC) for the amplifier.

PowerLink outputs may be adapted to standard RCA outputs for driving non-B&O power amplifiers using a DIN to RCA adaptor number 6270316.

The remote mains switch  may be activated by the PowerLink outputs using DIN to DC female adaptor number 9627100.

Note that there are two thicknesses of PowerLink cable: the thick cable should be used for source display on active speakers with such displays (like BeoLab Penta, BeoLab 4500, BeoLab 5000); the thinner cable is unable to do this.





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