Master Control Link Connections 3

Audio Link

Audio link connections are those which take place between an audio master (like BeoMaster or BeoCenter) and its program sources: BeoCord, BeoGram record deck and BeoGram CD.

Signals: BeoGram Record Decks and CD Players

Both analogue stereo signals and two-way Datalink codes for operation and display are transferred. For BeoGram turntables and CD players the analogue signals are one-way, from the source to the Master. These signals terminate at pin 3 (left) and pin 5 (right) of a 7-pin DIN plug. Pin 2 is the signal ground. BeoGram 5500 and 9000 transfer signals at phono level. All other products transfer signal at line level.

Signals: BeoCord audio

In addition to the above, audio signals are transferred to the BeoCord from the audio master for the purposes of recording.  These signals take place at pin 1 (left) and pin 4 (right) of the 7-pin DIN plug. All signals are at line level.

BeoCord signal cables may be extended via extension cable number 6270338.



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