Master Control Link Connections 4

Audio Aux Link

Audio Aux Link is the connection between a Bang & Olufsen MX 5000 television and a Bang & Olufsen Beolink compatible audio system. This connection is also known as a Beolink connection.


Both analogue stereo sound signals and two way Datalink codes for operation and display are transferred. Audio signals are in two directions. This gives the ability to play audio signals from the video system through the audio system, as well as allowing programs from the audio system to be played through the MX 5000 TV set.

The Audio Aux Link connection also permits sound from the VX5000 VCR to be played through the audio system and sound from the audio system to be recorded on the VX5000. This connection takes place automatically whenever a VX5000 is connected to an MX 5000.

In practice, the Audio Aux Link connection is identical to the Audio Link connection for BeoCord audio. Therefore, the same types of cables and extensions which are used for two way Audio Link connections may be used for Audio Aux Link connections.

AV Link

AV link describes the connections between the MX5000 TV and the VX5000 VCR.


The AV link transfers audio, video and data signals between the MX5000 TV and VX5000 VCR. A special cable with 21 pin SCART plug on each end is used to accomplish the AV link connection.

Audio signals are transferred in both directions between TV and VCR. This allows sound recording from the audio system via the Aux Link connection to the TV set, as well as playback of stereo sound from the VCR through the TV or the audio system.

Composite video signals are transferred from the TV to the VCR. This allows recording from a second VCR, camcorder or other video source.



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