MasterLink 1

Beolink is a Bang & Olufsen expression that covers:

  1. The ability to create and operate audio-video systems, and
  2. The ability to distribute sound and picture from a Bang & Olufsen main room system to other rooms in the home, and to operate the main room system from the rooms connected by means of Beolink.

Beolink is not a product - it is a number of features that are the result of the intelligent interaction between products, a synergy effect.

Beolink may be obtained in different ways, depending upon the products that are used: basically either the Audio Aux Link/Master Control Link (MCL) system or the Master Link system. The latter is the most recent system, and the long-term objective is that it shall replace the other system.

Master Link perceived as an interconnection method offers some convenient benefits not available with the older MCL system.

An example is that whereas the interconnection in the main room previously had to be carried out with one type of cable (Audio Aux Link) and the interconnection between the main room and the link rooms with another type of cable (Master Control Link) Master Link connection offers a bus type connection that caters for all interconnections between the main room audio and video systems as well as connections to the link rooms.

Another benefit is the completely individual volume control and tone adjustments in each link room, due to the distribution of audio signals at line level and the application of power amplifiers in each link room.

Contrary to the previous signal distribution system, Master Link signals are distributed as balanced signals, permitting distribution of CD-quality sound, even when the cable distances are fairly long.

Finally, the distribution hardware has been improved, e.g. by the introduction of a reduced signal cable diameter and new cable termination methods. The benefit of this improvement is that installation has become simpler and more elegant. The simplification is most evident in smaller installations, e.g. the installation of an intelligent kitchen loudspeaker being intuitively and quickly accomplished, whereas larger installations still require some planning and installation skills.

Beolink distribution covers the ability to distribute both audio and video signals. In the Master Link system audio and control signals were distributed by means of one single cable, whereas the distribution of video signals required a coaxial cable network. Only Beolink compatible products can be fully integrated in a Beolink system, but previous system products may be integrated to a limited extent, as described later in this section.




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