MasterLink :: Glossary


Audio Aux Link Perhaps better known as AV connection . Connection between the audio and video systems. The connection is established through a 7-pin Datalink cable
21-pin AV cable/SCART Standard connection between a TV set and a video tape recorder. The cable is specified for transferring RGB signals
AV system Audio/video system. Integration of audio and video, permitting sound to be transferred from one system to the other
Beolink The brand name and a general term describing Bang & Olufsen's way of distributing sound and picture. Beolink may be obtained in different ways depending on the products used: either the Audio Aux Link/Master Control Link (MCL) system or the MasterLink system
BeoMaster Designation of audio masters, e.g. BeoMaster 7000 and BeoCenter 9500. In future this designation will be replaced by BeoSound
BeoSound Common designation of audio products, e.g. BeoSound Ouverture
BeoVision Common designation of TV sets, e.g. BeoVision MX 6000 and BeoVision Avant
Compatibility The ability to interconnect products from different seasons
Control box A box that controls data and signals. for example in Beolink Active
Datalink cable 7-pin Datalink cable used for Audio Aux Link connection between audio and video systems
Link room Designation of the other room/roorns in the home in which sound and/or picture are installed
Link room kits Kits specially designed for link rooms, e.g. Beolink Active and Beolink Video
Link room products Products specially designed for link rooms i.e. BeoLab 2000, BeoLab 3500
Main room Designation of the room in which the audio and/or video systems are placed.  There are two kinds of main rooms:

One-room = audio and video systems placed in the same room
Two-room = audio and video systems placed in separate rooms

Main room products Products which serve as driver in a Beolink system e.g. BeoVision and BeoSound
Master Control Link (MCL) Master Control Link is the name of the former connection between main room and link room
MasterLink (ML) Bang & Olufsen's new systems interface. Master Link is the connection between the products in the main room and those in the link room but it is also the connection between the audio system and the video system
MasterLink driver BeoSound and BeoVision with Master Link socket. One of these products is always required in a Master Link setup
MasterLink product All products with a Master Link socket
One-way remote control  A remote control terminal that operates the products by transmitting a command to them without requiring an answer (e.g. BL 1000 and Beo4). BL 5000 and BL 7000 are two-way remote control terminals which require an answer from the product being operated
Option programming Option programming is executed via a Bang & Olufsen terminal and with the products concerned in stand-by. Upon completed option programming, the products 'know' what kind of environment they are placed in. and they can then be operated and function optimally
Power Link (PL) The Power Link connection contains all necessary signals and data required for driving active speakers. Two different types of cable are available: one with wire for display data and one without wire for display data. Note that the latter cannot be used for active speakers with display
Product Configuration Guide A PC-based tool in which it is possible to compose the setup you require and which provides answers to any questions concerning compatibility, setups, options, terminals, special conditions and so on
Receiver IR receiver built into audio, video and link products. The products may thus be operated by means of a one-way remote control terminal (i.e. Beo4 or Beolink 1000)



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