Recommended setups

An object consisting of several parts can usually only be assembled in one way if the intended result is to be achieved. For example, a gearbox for a car will not perform optimally according to the specifications if you omit installing some of the gearwheels. if you manage to install one gearwheel too many, that will most likely cause trouble as well.

The point of the above is that things must be put together in the way they were designed to, if they are to perform optimally.

The same applies to Bang & Olufsen's Beolink. In theory, Bang & Olufsen's products may be connected in thousands of different ways. Since it would be totally impossible to have an overview of just a fraction of this multitude of connection possibilities, Bang & Olufsen has selected the most attractive combinations. These selected combinations are called  recommended setups. The recommended setups are the ones which are focused on in connection with product development and service.

When a Beolink system is configured it is therefore very important that this is done in accordance with the recommended setups.

If the recommended setups are not followed, the result may easily be the same as with the gearbox with too many or too few gearwheels. Bang & Olufsen services the recommended setups ONLY.

Option programming

One of the conditions for the recommended setups to perform optimally is that the products included in the setup "know" in what kind of environment they are placed. The actual option programming is executed by pressing a certain sequence of keys on the terminal.

For the Beo4 terminal the key sequence is the following:

Press and hold


Press to access the setup functions.  The Beo4 display reads [OPTION?] - let go of both buttons


Press to access Option-programming


Press to display: V.OPT (BeoVision) or A.OPT (BeoMaster/BeoSound) or L.OPT (link room products)


Key in the number of the appropriate Option (e.g. 1)
For the Beolink 1000 remote control terminal the following key sequence is used:








Link room products:





The digit sequence to be used depends on the  setup:

Option 0 No IR reception
Option 1 Two IR-receivers in the same room
Option 2 One IR receiver in the main room
Option 4 Link room product connected to one or two main room products in the same room
Option 5 Two IR receivers in the same room link
Option 6 One IR eye in the link room

This applies to most setups that they are delivered with the correct Option setting from the factory and they are therefore 'ready for use'.

However, in some situations products may have to be reinstalled (e.g. in a connection in a house that has been rebuilt). The correct option is therefore indicated in ALL illustrations, even those which are 'ready to use' from the factory.

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