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25 August 2005

Information valid for:
BeoVision 3 - 32 MK III
BeoVision 5 - 42 MK III
BeoVision Avant - 32 DVD MK III
BeoSystem 2 MK II

New TV software version 15.1

The following has been solved and introduced in this new software.


Soft standby setup on STB :
This feature means that you yourself can decide when, or if, your STB should enter
mode, and the setup of this function is very dependent on your type of STB.

After selection of STB type, the following menu is shown automatically:
The contents depends on whether one or two STBs are connected.
The example shows 2 STBs.

STB(SAT) off STB(V.AUX) off
At TV standby After 30 min

It is possible to choose between:

After 0 min

After 30 min

At TV standby


"Never" means that not even ALL STANDBY will shut off the STB.

Selection of default speaker mode :
This new function allows you to choose in what speaker mode your system will start from
St.By in respectively Video mode and Audio mode.

The Menu is called

Speaker mode

and is shown as the last menu in the Sound selection menu.

Speaker 3

Speaker 2

The Video can be set to
Speaker 3
or Speaker 5

The Audio can be set to

Speaker 2
or Speaker 4
Default as today. Speaker 3 for Video and Speaker 2 for Audio.

Audio mode stand position :
This feature allows you to have the product turned to a preferred audio listening position
as well as the well-known Video listening position.

The stand control is changed to handle position


On Video

and On Audio

instead of position 0 (Standby), 1 (On) and 2 (Extra)

Support of BeoVision 4-37 in BeoSystem 1MK ll and BeoSystem 2 MK ll

Support of BeoLink Media MK l

Fault symptom:

The following disadvantages have been corrected:

Switching to external DVD (BC2 or DVD1) doesn’t look "nice"
MX in Link Room: /V.TAPE/+/RADIO/+/V.TAPE/ => MX switches to Standby
The system clock can be set to a wrong time zone if DVB-S prg. 1 is from a different time
zone than TV prg. 1


Exchange the TV software to version 15.1

Position no. and part no:

06IC3 part no.: 8344288

It has been introduced in production as from serial number :

BeoVision 3 - 32 MK III : 18183298
BeoVision 5 - 42 MK III : 18190526

BeoVision Avant 32 DVD MK III : 18189883

BeoSystem 2 MK II : 18169536

BeoSystem 1 MK ll : 18169536




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