MasterLink Option Settings 1


A/V integration - one-room ML:

Option 2 for the TV & Option '0' for the BeoSound 9000

(The BeoVision Avant has to set to option 2; the BS9000 to option 0, which it does automatically, because there is no speaker connected.)

(Note: Option 6 for BeoSound 2500

Note that a CD command will start playback on BeoSound 2500 - and not the BeoSound 9000. To call a BeoSound 9000 CD press <AV> <CD>)

A/V integration - one-room ML

A/V integration - one-room ML:

Option 1 for both products (Ready for use)

A/V integration - one-room ML

A/V integration - two rooms ML:

Option 2 for both products

Both may be in Option 2 as there is a wall to separate them. Both products will respond to audio as well as video commands

A/V integration - two rooms ML

Audio Linkroom - BeoLab 2000 / 3500:

On BL2000 'Tape' button changed to 'TV' select from s/n 14499914

Option 6 for BeoLab 2000/ 3500


Audio Linkroom - BeoLab 2000 / 3500 For BeoLab 3500 (using this same setup), Option 6 still has to be used
Audio Linkroom with local sources:

Option 6 for BeoSystem 2500


Audio Linkroom with local sources The BeoSound Ouverture may be used as either a Master or a Slave (designed for transportation between different locations).  However, it needs to be put into Slave mode before plugging in ML (Beo4 = 'A.Opt' '6')
Video Linkroom:

Video Linkroom




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