MasterLink Option Settings 6


General Rules for MasterLink (ML) and Master Control Link (MCL):

Generally, the following rules apply for both MCL and ML:
Option 0 Where there is no Beo4 remote control (and/or the IR receiver is turned off). However, the product may still be controlled through its own buttons
Option 1 Preset at the Bang & Olufsen factory. Product only responds to its own codes
Option 2 The product will respond to both audio and video commands through the remote control

Only three three codes may be used in a main room configuration. When first plugged in, information is transmitted between units to establish what products are being used within the MCL/ML system. This takes approximately 6 - 8 seconds to undertake. Never exceed a factor of 2 in a main room system (i.e. Option codes 1 and 1, 2 and 0 should only be used)

The following Options hold true for the programming of MCL-controlled equipment:        

  • Option 0 - turns off the transceiver

  • Option 1 - used for a single stand alone system or if both video and audio are in the same room and you wish to control the video and audio separately but with the systems linked via Audio Aux

  • Option 2 - audio and video linked but in different rooms. Allows control of video functions via audio master

Supplementary Options for later MCL systems:

  • Option 5 - default 'master' setting

  • Option 6 - 'slave' setting

These options are in addition to the normal 1 or 2

Master / Slave

In any system there has to be a Master and a Slave product. Thus, if there were two BeoVision Avants in the system, one has to be a Master and one has to be a Slave (BeoVision Avants from October 1997 with S/W 2.1+). In a system of more than three products, one still has to be the Master while others are Slaves.

In a ML system where two or more products are interlinked, the blue/white and pink cables must be joined together when making up an ML connection. ML uses a 16-core cable; only 11 of these are used. The remaining five are redundant due to cessation of two-way communication before the invention of the MasterLink system.

The BeoSound Ouverture may be used as either a Master or a Slave (designed for transportation between different locations).  However, it needs to be put into Slave mode before plugging in ML (Beo4 = 'A.Opt' '6')

Linkroom Slave Options:

  • Option 0: Where there is no Beo4 remote control (and/or the IR receiver is turned off)

  • Option 5: Where the product responds to its own codes:

    • Video - 'TV', 'Sat', 'Text', 'VCR', DVD' etc

    • Audio - 'Radio', 'CD', 'Phono' etc

  • Option 6: Product responds to all codes

Using a Beolink 1000 remote control to Option-program:
  • Standby
  • Link
  • Option number
  • Store
  • Standby
  • Picture
  • Option number
  • Store
  • Standby
  • Sound
  • Option number
  • Store

Fact: 16 links maximum may be made over a distance of 400m within a MasterLink system; 19,200 bytes/second of information are transferred between components!



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