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Substituting a BeoLab 2

How to connect another manufacturer's active sub-woofer to a BeoVision Avant TV:

You need an ordinary stereo audio cable with two phono (RCA) plugs wired normally at one end (for the line level inputs on your sub) and a 5-pin DIN plug at the other end (for the Avant's subwoofer socket). Although the sub socket on the Avant is an 8-pin and PowerLink uses 8-pin plugs, you only need a standard 5-pin '180 degree' DIN plug to connect a non-B&O sub.

Refer to the pin diagram for the DIN plug connections. Note that the diagram shows the pins from the BACK of the plug, i.e. the soldering side.

Connect the left phono through to pins 2 and 3 - the cable outer 'screen' to pin 2 and the inner core to pin 3.

Connect the right phono through to pins 2 and 5 - the cable outer 'screen' to pin 2 and the inner core to pin 5.

Within the DIN plug you need to connect pin 4 to pin 2 (to 'fool' the Avant into thinking that it's 'talking' to a powered-up BeoLab 2 sub-woofer).

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(Taken from the BeoWorld Forum)



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